About project

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

We are glad to inform you about the start of the new free classifieds portal.

Bizon.am is not only a free classifieds portal, it is new opportunities for presenting and advertising your company or your individual ads on the Internet without geolocation restrictions.

A few words about our advantages.

Firstly, after registering on the portal, any user can also register his business account, a business page on which he can present to the public and potential clients not only dry, "squeezed" in categories limited information about his goods and services, but also to tell about yourself in more detail, in free form. The content and information of your text, perhaps, will be your difference, your feature, because every word of the text of your company will take part in a search query both on our portal and in all search engines of the worldwide network.

Secondly, you will always be able to edit your data, information about goods and services, your contacts and ways of contacting you.

Your potential clients will have the opportunity to write to you directly in your chat, which in its convenience is in no way inferior to the well-known messengers, as well as call you using any of the options you specified during registration.

And that is not all ! More options and features will be announced soon!

Paid opportunities of our portal to promote and advertise your company or a separate announcement, see HERE.

Best regards, Bizon.am team